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PANG Radio Talks Mothman With Jeff Wamsley Sunday June 26th at 9PM EST

This Sunday PANG Radio will host its first show on the Mothman with expert Jeff Wamsley. Jeff is aware as anyone that the story of Mothman can sound a little far fetched, and understands why some might be skeptical of it.  But, as he puts it, skeptics are just a part of the story.  “It would be hard to believe this stuff unless you had encountered it or spoke to people who did and I have.  These people are not professional liars by any means.  Too many people saw it and described it the same way.”

Aside from growing up in the area, Mr. Wamsley operates the world’s one and only Mothman Museum.  It is here that folks come to check out props from the film John Keel’s book inspired, as well as grab a souvenir or two, be they books, pins, t-shirts and more.  Simply put, the story of Mothman, as well as his hometown, are important to him. And we will learn the full story from the man who knows more about this story then anyone I know, chat, and the phone lines will be open for listener questions. See More at his website www.mothmanlives.com